From birth to 12th grade, our goal is to make this the best time of your kid's week and the most helpful time of yours. We encourage you to take advantage of our safe and secure children's facilities during our worship service. Our trained staff and loving volunteers will provide your children with an environment where they can learn about God's love in an age-appropriate way.

  • birth to 24 month

    Kidz Care Nursery is a safe & caring place for your 0—24 month old. We recommend parents bring a diaper bag and bottle, both labeled with your child's name. Please feel welcome to bring any comfort items your child might have such as a blanket or favorite toy. You will also want to bring a change of clothes for your child just in case it is needed. Kidz Care is available during the Worship Service. 

    COMING... The nursery workers will begin welcoming children 15 minutes prior to each service. Upon entering the nursery, please complete the sign-in sheet so we may know of your child’s needs while in our care. You will be given a pager and an I.D. number to identify you with your child. Should you need to be reached while your child is in our care, your pager will vibrate. After leaving your child in the nursery, please do not return to the room before you are ready to sign your child out unless you have been called to the room by the nursery staff. This is very disruptive and upsetting to the other children. 

     ...AND GOING In consideration of those serving in the nursery, please pick up your child immediately following the service and then visit and socialize with others. For the protection of our children and to avoid confusion, a child will be returned ONLY upon presentation of the pager by the parent. Your help and cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

  • PRE-Kindergarten & Kindergarten

    Each week kids experience age-appropriate Bible teaching in a fun, loving and exciting environment. Promiseland is an exciting and creative environment designed for toddlers–5 year olds. Your child won’t want to miss a week! Promiseland is open during the adult worship service.

  • 1st - 5th grade

    Each weekend your children can be a part of an exciting and active environment filled with songs, games, and stories that teach Godly values at an age-appropriate level. Elevate meets at the same time as the Worship Service, and is designed for all children from 1st -5th Grade. So while you are experiencing the creative, life-changing worship of FallsCreek, your children are experiencing it as well.

  • 6th - 12th grade

    FallsCreek Youth is the premiere program for 6th - 12th grade students. It's an electric experience that powers up every other Sunday night at 6pm. FallsCreek Youth is living life on the edge at FallsCreek. There's games, videos, small group discussions and practical Biblical teaching that students need in order to live life to the fullest.